This year Dr Martin Luther King Jr would have been 90 years old! In honor of this momentous occasion, we have created a list of 90 reasons to see our next play here at Garry Marshall Theatre: THE MOUNTAINTOP. So buckle up. It’s a long list!

1. The play is 90 minutes long. Ninety! (Coincidence? You decide.)

2. The award-winning script is written by Katori Hall. She’s a rockstar.

3. Our director, Gregg T. Daniel, is Ovation Nominated this year.

4. You’ll see “magic realism” LIVE on stage.

5. Tickets start at $25.

6. Intimate theatre inspires creativity.

7. Surprising twists.

8. Sixties décor.

9. Poetic language.

10. Vivid theatricality.

11. A drama full of comedy.

12. Newsday says, it “crackles with theatricality and humanity…more moving than sainthood.”

13. You’ll see a show in the theatre that Garry Marshall built.

14. Support the arts.

15. Perfect date night.

16. See a stunning new view of Martin Luther King’s dream for our nation.

17. February is Black History Month.

18. This year is the 36th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

19. Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to our country.

20. Gilbert Glenn Brown played Dr Martin Luther King, Jr on the national tour of The Mountaintop.

21. Carolyn Ratteray (playing Camae) is electrifying and stunning.

22. And she is making her Garry Marshall Theatre debut.

23. Be part of history.

24. Mid-century modern meets present day.

25. Entertainment Weekly says, “…daring, rousing and provocative.”

26. See the love that Martin Luther King, Jr had for the world. The WHOLE world.

27. Take the baton and become a point of light in Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy.

28. California African American Museum’s History Curator, Tyree Boyd-Pates, will be participating in a post-show discussion on Sunday, February 10 at 3pm.

29. Opening night is Friday, February 8.  See the show with the critics and VIP’s.

30. You can have dinner before the show at one of the awesome restaurants in the Burbank/Tolcua Lake neighborhood.

31. When is the last time you saw a rotary phone?

32. Do you even know what a rotary phone is?

33. Flowers. (You’ll understand why when you see it.)

34. Be inspired. Live inspired.

35. See Martin Luther King Jr have a pillow fight. (For real.)

36. The theatre has snacks.

37. And convenient parking.

38. Get a glass of wine after the show at “Spin The Bottle” up the street.

39. Have you seen a show since the Falcon became the Garry Marshall Theatre? Why not? You should!

40. This play was a hit on Broadway and West End.

41. Be a trendsetter. Be the first of your friends to see this show.

42. Support a new nonprofit: the Garry Marshall Theatre.

43. Did we mention… there’s incredible scenic design by the award-winning designer, Alex Calle?

44. It’s also study in the art of great light design, sound design, props and projections. This show has EVERYTHING.

45. PS: our Costume designer, Wendell Carmichael, has really cool hair. (What? He does.)

46. Our Laverne & Shirley Marathon is on January 27. Come see that, too.

47. ANAM Irish Heritage Music concert is on January 20. Ok, back to The Mountaintop…

48. The Mountaintop only has 25 performances. So don’t wait or you’ll miss it.

49. Amy Lieberman cast the show, and she's a big deal.

50. Barbara Marshall loved the table read so much that she keeps postcards in her purse to pass out to everyone she talks to.

51. There is real water used in the show.

52. Special technical effects are being brought into the theatre.

53. There’s no intermission.

54. Lin Manuel Miranda would love this show.

55. There are even curse words…live on stage.

56. It's better than Netflix.

57. Speaking of TV… Starz is developing a new drama from our playwright, Katori Hall.

58. Heather Hall is on our Board of Directors - no relation.

59. Director Gregg T. Daniel has over 100 acting credits on IMDB. (It’s true. Go look.)

60. Over 500 high school students from Burbank and Los Angeles will be bused in to experience this play on weekday matinees.

61. Memphis, Tennessee (where this play takes place) is the home of Rendezvous BBQ.

62. Katori Hall says if you cut her, she’d bleed BBQ sauce. She’s from Memphis.

63. Katori Hall’s mother was on her way out the door to see MLK’s Mountaintop speech, but her grandmother wouldn’t let her mom go. (Her mom’s nickname was “Camae.”)

64. Garry Marshall loved seeing theatre like this on his trips to NYC.

65. This show is not available in movie theatres or on TV.

66. This is not “On Demand.”

67. Garry Marshall Theatre is climate controlled. Mostly. Sometimes.

68. There’s not a bad seat in the house.

69. Every seat features an armrest. Mostly.

70. “Game Of Thrones” isn’t coming back until April. So what else are you gonna do?

71. Take your picture with Bob’s Big Boy across the street.

72. Our new marquee is a good selfie spot.

73. You can bring your drink into the theatre – and snacks.

74. Our lobby has cool Garry Marshall memorabilia.

75. You might be inspired to write your own play.

76. Or to become an activist.

77. Take yourself on an “Arts” Date.

78. There are no performances on Monday nights, which means you can stay home and watch The Bachelor live…

79. …you know you want to.

80. Bring your mom. She’ll love the show too.

81. Get a program for no extra charge.

82. Restroom is free with admission.

83. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

84. Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s last great speech is known as "I've Been to the Mountaintop." 

85. This play is VERY different than the movie "Selma.” Very.

86. When you get here, “check in” at the theatre on Facebook — or post a selfie to your Insta-story — make your friends jealous.

87. The stranger sitting next to you might become a new friend – or might be a famous TV star. Or both.

88. Hector Elizondo appeared in every Garry Marshall film and he would want you to see this play. 

89. Also… he might be the TV star sitting next to you!

90. See THE MOUNTAINTOP because LIVE ARTS can change the world. For real. One audience member at a time.